Why We Partner

FiDonce is always interested in any program that encourages progress. We host many programs that work toward the betterment of others whether that be through health, education, sports or community service. We partner with those we feel have a common interest in helping communities, as well as those in it. 

Partner Programs

Emmanuel Advancement Center

The non-profit, Emmanuel Advancement Center,Inc, serves people of all ages through a comprehensive array of holistic services including education, health and wellness, mentoring, and economic development initiatives which elevate the quality and vitality of life for those we touch.  At the EAC, we work to address the needs of a diverse population who face the difficulty of overcoming barriers. Through community-based outreach programs our clients are connected with appropriate resources and opportunities so they may build a better path in life for themselves and their families. 


A non-profit organization ran by Felix Augusto. This organization partners with FiDonce to offer children a plethora of athletic programs. Sports programs such as basketball tournaments and leagues, volleyball tournaments, softball and soccer.

Alumni League

 The Alumni League headed up by Fahreed Cheatham, was created with a vision to continue the rich tradition of basketball competition for players 30+ in the Philadelphia region. The Alumni League is taking the Philadelphia Basketball circuit by storm, focusing on Philadelphia's competitive basketball rivalry, including old friendships and alliances. The league is comprised of teams of alumni from Philadelphia area high schools, harking back to the 80s ad 90s. Rivalry has been fierce. Pro-players and ex-NBA players are among the competitors. 

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